Near Miss Reporting


What is a "Near Miss"?

A "Near Miss" is exactly what it sounds like.  It is an accident that almost happened, but didn't. 

Have you or your Scouting unit had a near miss?

We would like to hear about it.


Click here to report a "Near Miss"


The purpose of the Near Miss reporting system is to describe situations that could have potentially lead to a harmful situation for any Scout or Scouter. The Mississippi Valley Risk Management Committee asks that any time you experience one of these situations, you report it. Information gathered through the near miss reporting system will be distributed throughout the Scouting community. It is through the sharing of information, and lessons learned, that we as a Scouting community will be able to prevent harm to our own in the future.

Please include your name, contact information and unit number when you submit your report. This information will not be distributed, it will simply be used by the Risk Management Committee should the need arise to ask further questions, or seek clarity on the incident, so that accurate information and possible solutions can be offered when the information is shared.

 Click here to report a "Near Miss"


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