High Adventure™

High Adventure Learn more about the excitement offered at one of the BSA's High Adventure™ Bases. You have three choices:

  • Northern Tier:  A canoeing or winter camping challenge in the vast, unspoiled wilderness of the Boudary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness or northern Canada.
  • Philmont Scout Ranch:  Enjoy a backpacking expedition at this iconic BSA High Adventure™  Base in the New Mexico mountains.
  • Florida Sea Base:  An aquatic playground off the coast of Florida where you can sail, snorkel, scuba, and much more.
  • Summit Bechtel Reserve: The newest addition to the High AventureTM Bases, that offers you everything from white water rafting and rock climbing to Leadership and Excellence training.

Click one of the links above to learn about upcoming Mississippi Valley Contingents to one of the High Adventure™ Bases.

Visit the National Council High AdventureTM website for more information. 


High Adventure is a trademark of the Boy Scouts of America.