Capital Campaign

Dear Scouts and Scouters,

At the April Council Executive Board Meeting, the Board approved a study by Hartsook Company to determine if the Council would be successful in an attempt to raise approximately $4,000,000 for capital improvements at our Council properties. Hartsook was to report back at our July Executive Board Meeting.

As part of the study, Hartsook interviewed several individuals. Some were directly involved with Scouting and some were not. In addition, several individuals, again some associated with Scouting and some not, participated in an online questionnaire.

Hartsook concluded that it is possible to embark on this campaign, but there were issues to be decided that will affect the direction the campaign takes. The issues are:

  • One Council, united or divided?
    For almost 20 years since our two former Councils merged, the divide between north and south has continued on the surface. The consultant concluded that it may be necessary to conduct two (2) simultaneous campaigns with each directed toward one-half of the Council.
  • One camp or two?
    Related to the first issue is the issue of maintaining two (2) camps as is. This is not a new issue to the Council Board. It has been the 600-pound gorilla in the room for more than ten (10) years. Several of the interviewees indicated it was time to make a decision.

Hartsook suggested five (5) possible actions. The Board will meet September 18th to evaluate our options after they have read the report. The report will be posted on the Council website (except names of suggested campaign leaders. Those suggested leaders have not been contacted and have not consented to releasing their names.)

This information is released in the interest of full disclosure. The Board has a legal duty to manage Council assets with the goal being the continuation of Scouting in our area for future generations.

Please feel free to mail your suggestions to the Council office at 2336 Oak Street, Quincy, IL 62301. Comments received without the author’s name will be disregarded.


John McKillip
Council President

Read the Hartsook Report