Letter to Volunteers - September 19, 2012

September 19, 2012

TO: Scouts & Scouters
From: John McKillip
Council President

At our July Executive Board meeting, the board received a proposal from Hartsook Companies about undertaking a capital fundraising campaign. In that proposal, Hartsook presented food for thought regarding our council and our camps. In the interest of full transparency, the pertinent part of the proposal was put on the council website. That generated much concern that one or both camps might be sold. There was no discussion by the board about selling either camp.

At last night’s board meeting to decide what to do about the capital campaign, the board voted to keep 2 camps. NEITHER CAMP IS FOR SALE. The council will work to increase camp attendance and market our camps to maximize use.

The other board decision was to defer a decision about the capital campaign until the April, 2013 board meeting.

Many comments were sent to the Scout office and to members of the Executive Board. On behalf of the board, thank you for your comments and suggestions. It is now time to move forward. If you were one of the ones who sent an email to Board members, I would suggest it is now time to thank them for their service to our council. If you sent emails to other Scouts and Scouters about the Hartsook report, I would ask that you now email that same group and make it clear to them that neither camp is for sale.

The council needs the support, both time and financial, of all our Scouters to continue our programs.

Thank you to all the Scouters who make Mississippi Valley Council great.